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A Huge Thank You to Our Supporters!

Yesterday marked our last day for the 2021 season with a Free Trick-or-Treat Hayride to celebrate the kids. We truly enjoyed seeing all the children and parents dressed up and celebrating the holiday. It was a heartwarming way to end the season. We thank all of you that came out for it and hope you enjoyed the candy, donuts, drinks, and hayrides!

We greatly appreciate all of our visitors this season that came out to support us. Like many small businesses, operations after the pandemic have been a struggle with personal job loss, mass labor shortages, insane price increases of building materials, and major flooding from mother nature. Despite all the challenges, our small core staff was able to build, by hand, a new concession stand to make fresh donuts, extend and re-tarp our greenhouse, constructed and reconstructed a new haunt for a more permanent structure allowing for easy future improvements, build a new drive-in bridge for the safety of everyone entering the property, rebuild a house in the corn maze that was destroyed by mother nature, clean up much of the property, and much more. Running a haunted farm goes far beyond decorations and prop building. This business started as nothing more than a massive piece of empty land that we have worked tirelessly to develop. To those that showed their support in the last few years, you are the reason we are still able to do this. Your support and appreciation is incredible and truly brings a smile to our faces. To those visitors that were less than impressed with our Spooky fun activities this season, we take every comment as viable information for future improvements, but we hope you understand the struggle for small businesses in today’s world, especially those of seasonal only variety. To those that miss the traditional Haunted Hayride attraction, it was simply not viable this year due to the reasons listed above, and we have been just as sad over the loss. It will be our main project to bring the attraction back better than before for next season!

We have great respect and gratitude for everyone that helped us pull it together in recent years. We owe a huge thank you to the All N One Lawn care & Snow removal crew. Their business is run by a group of hardworking individuals with many skills far beyond their years, the muscle power of young men, and resources unmatched. These men have always been there to help us through a pinch and tackle jobs larger than our small crew can handle. Without this group, constructing our concession stand and new greenhouse would have been impossible, and we are so very thankful. We highly recommend hiring them for any and all lawn care in the community.

We owe great recognition to all members of our core staff that have put in incredible hours to make improvements and keep us running. A huge thank you goes to Todd and Drake, our young muscle. These two admirable men show up to lend a hand with every project, big and small, and still manage to put in a full forty plus hours of hard work every week at Steve’s Plumbing and Heating, LLC. We are beyond grateful for the two of you. A big thank you goes to John, our head haunt manager. He has stood by us the longest out of any members of the crew and we appreciate your years of dedication, hard work, and creativity. We could not have done it without you! A thank you goes to Seth, our tractor driver. You pulled through for us this year in many ways beyond tractor driving, simply because you knew we needed the help. It meant the world to us to have your support, and your fun-loving attitude was the cherry on top. A thank you to Donnie, our welder. Without your skills and dedication reconstructing our new haunt would not have been possible. You came prepared with every tool imaginable and a surplus of knowledge that you were happy to share. We were sad to have you sit out for the season due to illness but are happy to see you better and look forward to seeing you next season. A thank you to Adam, our assistant haunt manager. You provided us with an essential tool to pull off a major project and always show up with additional help for the season. We know this year was hard for you after dealing with a devastating personal loss just prior to the season start. However, that did not deter your happy, spooky spirit that we appreciate every season. A thank you to Dan, another tractor driver of ours. Your knowledge of tractors keeps us moving, and we greatly appreciate you allowing us to use your machines. Also, your smile and kind heart mean more than you know. A thank you to our neighbors, John and BJ. Your knowledge and resources have been a great help over the years. A thank you to Nathan, another neighbor, for always keeping an eye on the property for us. A thank you to Collin, our seasoned actor. You have been with us for many years, always ready to get spooky. Your spirit for the season is admirable, and we are excited for you to take on a greater role with us next season. A thank you to Ian, a returning actor from many seasons ago. We were ecstatic and appreciative of your return, and we hope to see you in a greater capacity next year. A special thank you goes to our employees that showed up every night, ready to work with a spooky spirit. It is not easy to find people that will follow through with a work commitment, especially these past two years, but to those of you that did we are greatly appreciative, and we hope to see you next season. A final thank you goes to our farm dogs, your goofy attitudes and pure joy to be at the farm put a smile on our faces even under the greatest pressures.

Thank You to all our supporters and Thank You for reading!

Family-Fun Farm

Spooky Trails Farm is all about the fun of getting "SPOOKED"! Every weekend in Spooktober (October) is jam-packed with nighttime, family-fun haunts. 

Every Sunday afternoon we take our customers on a relaxing hayride across the 122 acre farm to pick pumpkins! Afterwards, they take an adventure through the corn maze.

Don't forget to stop by our consession booth for FRESH DONUTS or blast the apple cannons on your way out!


"We have made this place a family tradition! We just don't miss it! Plus they have cannons!"

- Louis