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  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes. We accept Square, Visa, Master Card, Discorver, American Express, and Apple Pay. We accept cash as well.
  • Is there an age limit for the Halloween Haunt Attractions?
    We do not set an age limits on our haunt attractions as every child is different, rather, we leave it to the parents discretion to decide what their child can handle. The Zombie Hunter Hayride is the most family-friendly haunt. The UnDead Field of Fear haunted corn field is the most intense haunt, with Spooky Trails Haunted Hayride as a close second in intensity.
  • What are your hours for the pumpkin picking hayrides and corn maze?
    Every Sunday in October, from 12pm until 5:30pm. Ticket Booth and Blaster Cannons Close at 5pm.
  • What are your hours for the Halloween Haunt Attractions?
    Opening night for the 2023 season is Friday, September 29th from 7pm to 11pm. The haunts continue through the month of October. Ticket Booth closes at 10:30pm. Blaster Cannons close at 10pm.
  • When is Casting Call for the 2023 season?
    We will be hosting the first casting call on Friday, August 18th between 5pm and 7pm for open interviews.
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